Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Pieces of Us by Hannah Downing

Normally I just post reviews but the book I am reviewing today is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary of release and the author is hosting a blog hop, so I've decided to join in.


Book Blurb

Charlotte Barnes was living the perfect life, until a series of events forced her from everything she knew and loved. Now, five years later, she’s ready to face her past, and the truth. But will that truth destroy her new-found happiness?

Pieces of Us is an emotional roller-coaster about lost love and how one small indiscretion can ultimately change your entire life. In the end, Charlotte will question every decision she has ever made and find that, sometimes, you need to lose everything to truly find yourself.

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I loved this book. For one thing, I honestly couldn't tell what the ending was going to be - that's always a huge selling point for a book. I find it disappointing when I can guess what is going to happen when I'm only half way through a book - Pieces of Us kept me guessing all the way until the last page.

Downing has created a realistic scenario that had me wondering how I would react under similar circumstances, because this is a situation that could happen to anyone. The Main character finds herself torn between her past and her present when she discovers that what she thought she new about her failed marriage, turns out to be false. I loved her struggle between her ex-husband who turned out not to be the bad guy she thought he was, and the stable and loving new fiance, Owen.

I have to admit that I fell in love with Owen but I was also taken with Cameron. This book provides one of the first real love-triangles I have read. There was no clear favorite - I honestly wanted her to end up with both men. The twists and turns in the final two chapters of the book had me guessing and in awe of the complicated storyline that weaves into beautiful closure for the characters.

This is a great story with true emotions. I am not afraid to admit that I did cry a few times while reading some of the more emotional scenes and felt the true heartache of the situation. Downing has captured perfectly the feeling of betrayal and heart break as she describes the breakdown of Charlotte and Cameron's marriage.

If you love a good love triangle, a story about betrayal or forgiveness or are just in the mood for some romance with an excellent writing style, then I can recommend Pieces of Us!


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  1. I agree that there wasn't a clear favorite in this love triangle. Cameron is her first love but Owen is so sweet and caring! Great review.

  2. I like when you can't guess who the character is going to end up with. Even though it can stress me out.

  3. I like to be kept guessing as well. I enjoy the read much more then. Thank you for your review.


  4. I agree with you there where you said "you find it disappointing when I can guess what is going to happen when I'm only half way through a book". That is one thing that I don't really like, even though it does happen to great books. Just reading the reviews and the excepts has me wondering about this book. Thank you for hosting. foamfamily08@yahoo.com