Welcome to THE SHELF. I hope you will come to think of this website as your own personal bookshelf. I am happy to take review requests, post book related news and do author interviews/guest posts. I would also love to give my followers some prizes so check back regularly to see what's on offer.

I am a published author myself who also loves to read as much as I love to write and I know how valuable it is to have reviews of my novels posted online. So, I thought I would offer myself up as a reviewer to give a professional, writer's perspective style of review for people looking for high quality writing and can't-stop-reading plots.

I hope no-one is put off by the donations button. I do not exepct anyone to donate against their will. But, I would love to be able to mail prizes to people all over the world and I anticpate the postage costs could become quite expensive so the donation button is there as an option if anyone likes my reviews and what I do on this website and would like to contribute to the running costs. I will never ask anyone directly for a donation.